EE Hope United has unveiled a new squad assembled of high profile footballers from the men’s and women’s game in a bid to tackle online sexist hate ahead of Euro 2022.

Hope United player Lucy Bronze has urged men to be allies of women’s football this summer, while Hope United manager Gareth Southgate insists that men ‘can do better’.

The likes of Trent Alexander-Arnold, Ellen White, Jordan Henderson, Caroline Weir, Andy Robertson, Declan Rice, Demi Stokes and more have joined the squad alongside Bronze and Southgate to spread #NotHerProblem. Rio Ferdinand and Rachel Brown-Finnis will also serve as coaches.

A recent YouGov survey commissioned by EE found that 52% of the UK public do not feel the internet is a safe space for women, with 60% feeling that not enough is done to tackle online or offline misogyny. Indeed, nearly half (46%) who have witnessed or experienced online sexism have admitted to not doing anything about it.

“As women footballers, the sad truth is that we now expect sexist abuse on a near daily basis: it has not only become an inescapable part of the game, but of a woman’s life in the public eye,” Bronze said.

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