The Indian Super League (ISL) is the biggest league in the country, with arguably the best footballers in India plying their trade in it. It is not only the best players, but also some top managers who have been part of the league and some continue to do so at present.

Here, we take a look four of the best foreign managers in the ISL in terms of points won.

Antonio Lopez

Antonio Lopez led ATK to two league titles / DIBYANGSHU SARKAR/GettyImages

Antonio Lopez has played for the likes of Sevilla during his playing career, while also coaching Valencia among other clubs so far. The Spaniard has been a consistent presence on the sidelines in the ISL in the recent past, and can be considered as one of the best foreign managers to ply his trade in India.

The 64-year-old has registered the most points as a foreign manager in ISL history, while also winning the league title twice with ATK in 2014 and 2019/20.

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