Flames Nation: Frank Seravalli on Sportsnet 960 on the Calgary Flames using the club elected salary arbitration on Matthew Tkachuk and if it could mean he’s trade or maybe re-signed to a long-term contract extension.

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“I thought it was really smart. I thought it shifts the balance of power ever so slightly back towards the Flames. They were able to wrestle some control back.

By no means is it a comfortable situation. There’s a lot of heavy lifting left to do one way or another. Whether it’s getting Matthew Tkachuk signed to a long-term deal or whether it’s finding a trade partner that fits and that you get what you believe is a proper return for truly a unicorn player in the NHL. That’s what Matthew Tkachuk is.

I think every team recognizes it. I think the Flames certainly do and their goal and focus would be getting him signed to that long-term contract. I don’t think there’s any doubt about that. The issue is, and it’s not all that different than the issue they faced with Johnny Gaudreau. Does Matthew Tkachuk want to be in Calgary?

It’s been floating out there in the ether for a long time, it was for a long time with Johnny. You heard lots of different rumors about, how many years were we talking about, or people asking or answering questions about Johnny Gaudreau going back to Philly? Going back to the East?

All of sudden, in some ways he goes, ya, it’s not exactly on the East coast but goes back to the Eastern Conference no doubt when push comes to shove, does that same type of sentiment exist with Matthew Tkachuk?

What’s out there? What’s in his interest in terms of what he’d like to do next and how do the Flames best navigate that path. But this choice to file for club elected arbitration now in the second window, it’s certainly a bit of different approach but it takes the offer sheet off the table. It takes the QO off the table.

What it does essentually is it brings this to a more hopefully quicker resolution.”

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