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J.T. Miller, The Vancouver Canucks, and The New York Islanders?

Rob Williams of The Daily Hive: New York Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello is not going to go down quietly and one of the big fish he may be hunting for is J.T. Miller of the Vancouver Canucks.

Despite seeing a path to “an extension”, talks are still going on with quite a few interesting teams. There was a trade that nearly happened during the draft but blew up on the draft floor. That involved Miller.

Naturally all parties denied this but there was some heavy smoke. This is not the first time Vancouver has danced on a draft floor (see 2013). At any rate, no one would be surprised to see talks rekindled again between the two teams.

Both teams are kind of desperate – especially Lamoriello. The Islanders are in compete now mode. There are 66 days till training camp. The clock is ticking.

What about other options for the New York Islanders?

Stefen Rosen of NYI Hockey NOW: Just because it did not work in 2021 does not mean it could work in 2022. That is correct. Vladimir Tarasenko trade rumors have resurfaced once more. Could Lou Lamoriello take a second kick at the can?

It’s a great question. There looks to be some renewed movement here. No one knows what that means. St. Louis does have cap space issues and Tarasenko has one more year of that $7.5 million deal.

Jordan Kyrou and Ryan O’Reilly need contract extensions eventually so there is that to consider also. Robert Thomasrecently inked an eight year deal worth $8 million AAV. So, Doug Armstrong has some things to ponder.


Does Armstrong reignite the trade winds? That is the question. There are those J.T. Miller rumors which never seem to go away. Similar with Miller, Tarasenko would likely need some sort of extension in place to make a deal. Permission to talk tends to help on both fronts.

As for players like Matthew Tkachuk or Nazem Kadri, that appears further off the radar for now.

Again, nothing appears imminent but that can change quickly.

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