The 26-year-old David Pastrnak is entering the final year of his contract which carries a $6,666,667 salary cap hit.

TSN: David Pagnotta on TSN Montreal 690 radio on Monday on David Pastrnak, the Boston Bruins, and a potential contract extension.

“Well, certainly discussions are there with respect to getting him re-upped to a long-term extension. I got to imagine that with him and other players that are in a similar boat with one year left on their deal and being one of the star players of their team, a lot of these teams want to lock these guys in.

So, they’ve certainly expressed that to him, and there is without a doubt a desire to stick around in Boston and be there long-term.

It’s just a matter of, how do they make the dollars work. How are they going to make the money work and fit everything cap wise?

So, I think. I don’t want to say it’s a formality because with these types of deals, the dollars involved and how everything gets structured, it takes a little bit of time. Look what happened in Nashville with Filip Forsberg. Yeah, they ended up signing him a new deal and he avoided free agency, but it took a long time in order to make sure the structure and dollars all made sense.

So it could be in a similar position here involving the Bruins and Pastrnak but I think ultimately they’ll figure things out and he’ll stick around for a long-term eight-year deal.”

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Joe Haggerty: Bruins GM Don Sweeney con the contract extension talks with Pastrnak and his agents:

“Ongoing would be the best way to describe it. We’ve been in regular contact with JP. We’ve made our intentions known all along to David and we’ll continue to do that”


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