Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman on the 32 Thoughts Podcast on the Evander Kane hearing situation and how it may not be resolved by the start of free agency and that teams will be able to sign Kane. There is the possibility that he could sign with a team and be forced to go back to the San Jose Sharks. Did he think it would be a possibility?

“No, because I was always under the impression, because everybody told me, that this would be sorted out by July 13th.

The league told the teams that. The players association had been told that. The teams were certainly under that impression. So when they revealed , I think a lot of were like, ‘what?’ And I know that after the press conference was over, a few of us went to Daly to get more clarity, and that’s when I asked him if this situation could happen.

He said it’s a possibility. Now, the one thing that he did say too, is that there’s not much in the way of settlement talks going on between the Sharks and Kane right now. Both sides, according to what he said, feel very strong in their positions. And I never want to guess on how an arbitrator will rule. You just never know.

But he did leave open the possibility that a team could sign him and the arbitrator could say, ‘Sorry, that contract is voided and he belongs to the Sharks.’

Now, nobody has a percent. Nobody was willing to guess to that, It’s just something that everybody has to understand is on the table here.”

Marek adds.

“I don’t know a team does it. How could you sign, again, I’m asking rhetorically as noone really has an answer here. How could you sign Evander Kane, construct your roster around person that may just vanish from your team and you’re left with, sure the salary cap space because you don’t have the Evander Kane contract to carry, but the players you would want to fill that spot with by then are gone?”


“It’s a great question. It’s absolutely a great question, and what one GM said to tonight, this is a GM who I know is not pursuing Kane, I said what do you think? He said, “Let me think about it.” He texted me back in about a half an hour and he said that only way he would consider it, if he was interested was, he would have to have a deal worked out with the Sharks.

He’d say, Evander I’ll sign you to whatever contract but he would have to know if the Sharks won, he’d have a trade in place.”


“And San Jose would have to eat a percent of the contract depending on the team. That makes sense.”


“Yes. He said the only way he could do it.”








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