A Rare Slow News Day In The NHL

CapFriendly: For the first time since the morning of July 13th, there was a whole day where not a single player was signed to an NHL contract. It is indeed true as the last player signed was on Friday. That was when John Klingberg was inked to a one year contract.

Sunday may make this two consecutive days as July transitions into August on Monday.  This is that time where one wonders if some players will be signed now or in September.

Buffalo Tried To Swap With Detroit To Draft Kasper?

Kevin Allen of Detroit Hockey NOW: For those that often wonder about the trades that do not happen, Kevin Allen unearths this little gem. Yes, the Buffalo Sabres tried to swap draft spots with the Detroit Red Wings. This was to, in effect, try and draft Marco Kasper.

The hat tip actually goes to George Malik, longtime Detroit Red Wings blogger. One has to understand that Detroit drafted eighth and Buffalo ninth. It was not as if Kevyn Adams was going to offer a King’s ransom to move up one spot.

In the end, Detroit drafted Kasper and Buffalo picked Matt Savoie. However, no one can deny the allure of “what if’s”.

Into The Unrestricted Free Agency Lists

From CapFriendly: August beckons and with that there are still unrestricted free agents out there. The most notable one is Nazem Kadri as it just seems there are offers but Kadri is still taking his sweet time. One thing is certain. Kadri will get a raise from his $4.5 million AAV of last year. Now, how much and how much term does he receive?

After that, there are a few interesting players. For one, Patrice Bergeron still has not signed on the dotted line in Boston. Is this something that might not happen until September?

Phil Kessel and even Paul Stastny are likely to find new locales. The only question becomes where. Again, if something is to happen, the thought process is maybe this week. Otherwise, it may be closer to training camp.

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