Where Oh Where Could Johnny Gaudreau Go?

Hailey Salvian of The Athletic: So, what happens if Johnny Gaudreau decides to test out the free-agent market?

The Philadelphia Flyers remain a big suitor even if the numbers do not all make sense. Some of them do. Philadelphia needs goal scoring and were the third-worst team in the NHL last season. They want drawing power and the nearly hometown player provides that aplenty.

Cap space needs to be opened in a big way for this to even be a thought along with ah hell of a sell job. Pittsburgh is one of those teams but they would have to part with Kris Letang or Evgeni Malkin.

New Jersey is the right fit with an up and coming team that just needs a goaltending spark. The Devils possess a ton of cap space. They are very much in the hunt. As for the New York Islanders, they are not as a trade would be needed as the dollars are not there.

Nashville is a possibility but that depends on Filip Forsberg. Stay tuned and do not count the Flyers out yet.

What about Oskar Lindblom and Philadelphia?

Charlie O’Connor of The Athletic: The pre-cancer form of Oskar Lindblom has not fully returned and that is unfortunate. The last two seasons have been mostly underwhelming with a few flashes here and there.

At what point, does Philadelphia stop staying patient? Lindblom must stay healthy and has not been able to the past two seasons. Would management consider trading him? He has some value. However, the waiting game begins for his form even as time dwindles.

What to make of James van Riemsdyk?

Charlie O’Connor of The Athletic: Does James van Riemsdyk even make it to or through his final year in Philadelphia? That is a great question. So, van Riemsdyk scored 24 goals last year with 38 points. The 33-year-old forward did scored 13 of his goals in the final two months of the season.

Basically, van Riemsdyk is still a net-positive player if left mostly alone. The problem with being just useful means this. He is not a $7 million player anymore. Therefore, the forward will be expendable one way or the other.

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