Welcome back to the Betway Bets of the Day as presented by NHLRumors.com.

Today, our bet of the day will be taking the Colorado Avalanche to take 37+ shots on goal. This line sits at -118.

The Tampa Bay Lightning have backed themselves into a corner I don’t see them getting out of. Despite loving them all playoffs long, I have a hard time getting behind them tonight. They could absolutely steal this game here tonight, and while I’ll personally be laying some money on them as underdogs, I went in a different direction with my official play.

So, instead, we’re taking the Colorado Avalanche to continue to fire the puck on net. The Avs have hit this prop in three of four games in this series and in a staggering 15 of their 18 games in the playoffs. Their offensive upside is incredible, and nobody is able to generate shots quite like them.

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