The New York Giants have once again been very public in their commitment to quarterback Daniel Jones. From co-owner John Mara to general manager Joe Schoen to head coach Brian Daboll, all seem convinced he has the tools to be successful.

However, after last year’s debacle, the Giants have also made a commitment to improving their depth. And should Jones go down injured in 2022, they now have Tyrod Taylor and Davis Webb to step up.

But might Big Blue be seeking more? Eli Manning’s former backup, David Carr, certainly thinks so.

During NFL Total Access on Friday, Carr seemed to imply the Giants are keeping an eye on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, who is likely to be traded prior to the regular season.

“I initially thought Brian [Daboll] would make a move for Mitchell Trubisky when he was available because you don’t necessarily know what you have in Daniel Jones,” Carr said. “Now with Jimmy, I think the issue is his shoulder. No one really knows. I think what teams are going to do is wait until the first or second preseason game — if Jimmy gets in for San Francisco — and just kind of see. Like, does he look healthy? And then I think that’s when you might see the Giants make a move.

“Jimmy G can win some games for somebody. He absolutely still can play at a high level — he won a lot of games in San Francisco. I think the only issue is just his health. If he’s healthy, then very possibly the Giants can make a move.”

The Giants have already made significant investments in the quarterbacks currently on their roster. Adding a fourth and taking on additional salary when they have precious little room would be a curious decision to say the least.

And is Garoppolo, coming off an injury, really a better option than Jones? Especially midway through the preseason? While he does have some crossover with Daboll (New England), there’s no way he’d be able to dive head-first into a brand new system and have it down pat in time for the regular season.

This is entertaining pre-training camp fodder, but not something that’s likely to come to fruition.

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