With New York Giants 2021 first-round pick and wide receiver Kadarius Toney reportedly available for trade, the Tennessee Titans should at least inquire about the 23-year-old wideout.

According to the New York Daily News’ Pat Leonard, the Giants are now shopping Toney, who has yet to show up to their offseason program. Big Blue is currently calling around to get a feel for what Toney is worth.

This comes on the heels of Giants general manager Joe Shoen saying Toney was basically untouchable earlier this month.

Even after adding Robert Woods via trade with the Los Angeles Rams, the Titans need more help at the position, and in particular someone who will be more than a one- or two-year solution.

Toney checks that box, as he’s just 23 and has three more years (plus a fifth-year option) until he hits free agency. Adding to that, he’ll come cheap, as Toney’s cap hits over the next three years are $3.1, $3.7 and $4.3 million.

As far as fit is concerned, Toney is a good one. He can line up anywhere on the field, including in the slot, and has the speed to be the deep threat the Titans’ offense needs, making him a perfect complement to A.J. Brown.

There are some character concerns with Toney, but he’d be coming to a team with a strong culture that has plenty of veteran leaders to help develop him into the star player I believe he can be.

On top of all that, trading for Toney would allow Tennessee to focus on other positions in the 2022 NFL draft, like guard, tackle and/or tight end.

Now the question becomes, what will it take to land Toney? I don’t think the Giants will get a first-round pick for him after what was a quiet rookie campaign in 2021.

Toney exploded in Week 5 against the Dallas Cowboys, showing his star potential. He posted 189 yards on 13 catches and routinely torched Dallas’ defense in that game, but was also ejected for throwing a punch.

Toney didn’t do much beyond that game, though. The Florida product failed to find the end zone once, didn’t finish with more than 78 yards in any other game, and he missed seven contests due to injury.

It is important to note that the Giants were an awful team and Toney wasn’t alone in the disappointing season department, so that should be taken into account.

As much as I don’t think Toney will fetch a first-round pick, it certainly isn’t impossible.

With the wide receiver market exploding with big-money deals, teams still in need at the position are looking for cheaper options and might overpay in draft capital. Further, a bidding war will only drive up the price.

Ideally, if the Titans do trade for Toney it’s with a future pick and not from this year’s stable.

In a perfect world, a 2023 third-round pick gets it done, but I’d be willing to go as high as a 2023 second-rounder if that’s what it took to land a young, explosive, playmaking wide receiver with a ton of potential.

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