Super Bowl champ got the Raiders to make $1 million donation to Uvalde.

Vann McElroy hasn’t played for the Raiders for more than 30 years but clearly, he still has pull with the men paying the bills.

According to, McElroy, who is Uvalde native, spoke to Mark Davis and told him the city was in need and Davis delivered to the tune of $1 million going to the school district.

“I told Mark that I talked to (Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District superintendent Hal Harrell) and he told me we needed about $1 million to be able to implement some measures to make our schools here safer,” McElroy said according to the Uvalde Leader-News. “Mark, said, ‘Let’s do it.’”

The school district will use the donation towards making the schools safer including “stronger doors, cameras and more fencing.”

“In all the years that I played for the Raiders, this organization took care of me and my family, and has looked out for the players and all members of the Raiders family,” McElroy said.


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