After news broke that the Washington Commanders offered wideout Terry McLaurin a lucrative extension, advanced stats showed just how much he deserves this.

After three years in Washington, wide receiver Terry McLaurin has done more than enough to garner a substantial contract.

“Scary Terry” was a fantasy football favorite, no matter how the team performed during the regular season. McLaurin aided in a valiant effort to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Wild Card round of the 2020 NFL Playoffs — how different football history would be had they won.

Beyond that game, McLaurin has always come through in big moments, which is why he deserved an upgrade from a paltry rookie contract worth a couple million. McLaurin is set to earn $71 million over 3 years, making him one of the top five highest-paid wide receivers in the NFL. Executives across the league agree that McLaurin is well worth this investment, per FanSided’s Matt Verderame.

Still, saying that McLaurin’s “got that dog in him“, especially after chasing Dallas Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence on a defensive touchdown, may not be enough to justify the extension. But the following stats prove that McLaurin is worth every penny as a cornerstone of this franchise:

Terry McLaurin stats further justify his $71 million extension

The fact that nearly 40 percent of McLaurin’s targets were uncatchable (sorry, Taylor Heinecke) illustrates that, as Warren Sharp said, “he’s made more out of less than most WRs in the NFL.”

That’s not necessarily kind of stat McLaurin wants to top the leaderboard with, but it does help in not only justifying his extension, but also prioritizing connecting him with a prolific passer. The jury is still out on whether or not Carson Wentz can replicate his 2017 season in Washington, but the splashy signing does demonstrate that the Commanders are trying, even if it doesn’t work out.

With Dan Snyder sailing the high seas to dodge subpoenas, it’s refreshing to see some positive news come out of Washington separate from its ownership drama. McLaurin got what he deserved financially, and hopefully, he can get the passer he deserves so that McLaurin can terrorize defenses more than ever before.

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