Russell Wilson rumors: Is he worth $250 million?

At 34 years old, paying Wilson such a freight is full of danger, but Denver might not have much choice. Although Wilson isn’t coming off consecutive MVP campaigns like Rodgers is, he’s still considered an elite player and one who is much younger than the Green Bay star.

Furthermore, the average annual value and years are fine to note, but what will the guaranteed money be? That’s the main number which matters. Yet after seeing Deshaun Watson get $230 million guaranteed from the Cleveland Browns despite ongoing, off-field issues, Wilson could ask for the entire $250 million to be guaranteed and be within reason, despite being almost a full decade older.

After sending away two first- and second-round picks to the Seahawks, Denver really has no choice but to give Wilson most if not all of what he wants. And if he’s still a top-10 quarterback, the money is likely worth it.

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