Robert Griffin III spoke up about the Deshaun Watson situation, women and the NFL, and it’s something to appreciate.

The NFL hasn’t done the best job when it comes to protecting women. We all know there have been multiple cases surrounding domestic abuse, assault, rape, and other things.

When Robert Griffin III commented on the NFL appealing Deshaun Watson‘s six-game suspension, this woman in sports appreciated what he had to say.

He didn’t hold back when speaking his mind and, thankfully, wasn’t the only media analyst to do so. With so many stepping up, what Griffin said makes even more sense.

The NFL knows how bad this case looks with Watson, and if they accept six games, a lot of flak will come back on them. This case isn’t Ben Roethlisberger, who also got six games when his sexual assault allegations happened. The way the NFL blew over that and the countless other domestic abuse cases, they had to do something right with this one.

Players have gotten indefinitely suspended for gambling, too many games to count for cannabis, and, honestly, there are too many other silly reasons for which players had to miss games, which is why Griffin needed to say what he did.

Robert Griffin III should torch Deshaun Watson and the NFL.

Griffin is right in stating that the NFL is protecting its brand. So many people have spoken up about Watson and the 30 women he allegedly asked to do things — that is an astounding number to think about and reflect on.

This case is unprecedented because of the large number of women. If the NFL didn’t do something about this, there is no telling what would happen. Women are important to the NFL, and if they aren’t comfortable in their work environments, then it’s a problem.

Griffin’s words speak to me because it’s true. The NFL has gotten it wrong countless times. It was bad enough that the NFL had to appeal. Protecting the brand is correct — the NFL could genuinely want to do the right thing here, but history suggests otherwise.

Sadly, sometimes women aren’t believed when allegations like this surface, and so many men and women will protect someone like Watson. Of course, there are two sides to every story, but at the same time, that number 30 still burns in my head.

Griffin is right to be skeptical of the NFL and cynical about their motives, given the league’s history regarding the treatment of women. This situation is a serious one, and the likes of Robert Kraft and the other men who have done similar shady stuff should have gotten reprimanded as well.

But they didn’t. Now is the time to make it right.

Are they saving face or actually ready to defend women? It’s not about taking sides anymore but about making sure the proper punishment happens. Six games aren’t enough — Griffin knows, the NFL hopefully knows that and most fans know that.

Griffin’s words are appreciated as a woman in the sports industry because we should question the NFL’s motives. If we don’t, more players will get away with the disgusting things that have happened. It’s time for the NFL to fix the issue and make a stand.


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