Patrick Mahomes gave all Chiefs fans something to smile about after he made comments on his salary.

Chiefs legend Patrick Mahomes started the rise in the quarterback market after receiving his 10-year, $450 million contract in 2020, so he shouldn’t care about what Kyler Murray is making.

That contract Mahomes has doesn’t even include his endorsements or anything else he does to bring in the money, so when he commented on making enough money on and off the football field, it’s true.

However, the question had to get asked since the Cardinals and Murray recently agreed to a 5-year $230.5 million contract that guaranteed him $160 million.

That contract for Murray is staggering, but it shouldn’t and doesn’t phase Mahomes. He knows his worth and has a Super Bowl ring, so he is doing alright for himself.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes knows how good his money situation is.

For now, Mahomes contract is still one of the best in the league, but that may not last forever.

Sooner than later, he could have one of the lower contracts, but he doesn’t seem to care all that much from his comments.

He seemed excited for Murray, which tells me that Mahomes is confident in himself and his game. If a salary increase is in his future, then it’ll happen, but right now, he is making bank and making the Chiefs franchise very happy.

The kind of money he is making will set him up for life, and his kids won’t ever have to want for anything. He knows that winning is just as crucial as that contract.

Mahomes is also smart enough to realize that sometimes you need weapons around you to win Super Bowls, so why not pay them? He makes enough money, so spend the playmakers that’ll help him win more Super Bowl rings.

His comments should make Chiefs fans very happy because that young man is the face of the franchise, and he wants to win as much as possible. Money is great and all, but if he can win a few more Super Bowls, that’ll create a lifelong legacy.

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