One of the recurring rumors this offseason — and now as we head into training camps — has been where San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo will end up this season.

The oddsmakers have the New York Giants as one of the favorites to land him, but the logistics and finances don’t seem to line up.

ESPN’s Jordan Raanan had this to say on his podcast this week.

“I’ve spoken to people within the organization — you can say, ‘sources say.’ The Giants are not getting Jimmy Garoppolo,” Raanan said on the Breaking Big Blue podcast.

“Tell me how that makes sense for the New York Giants? Are they trying to win this year? Is he their future franchise quarterback? Do they have to money? Why would they give up assets? This is a rebuilding team.”

All valid questions and true statements. Garoppolo is an immobile pocket passer who will cost the Giants valuable draft capital in a trade and then eat up significant salary cap space.

Plus, Garoppolo is coming off shoulder surgery and would have to take a reduction in salary (he’s due $24 million this year) in order to facilitate a trade.

The Giants still want to see if Daniel Jones can nail down the quarterback job for good and backup Tyrod Taylor was signed to a two-year deal.

If Jones falls flat again, the Giants will likely have a high draft pick again next April. They can snag their future quarterback there and then.

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