When you think about NFL logos and helmet logos, many of the oldest teams often come to mind. The Green Bay Packers, the Chicago Bears, the Pittsburgh Steelers and, of course, the New York Giants.

Some have undergone logo changes or adjustments over the years, but many remain classically simple. The Giants are a prime example of that, having gone from the old school “GIANTS” logo to the newer-ish “NY” logo.

USA TODAY’s For The Win recently took that into consideration when ranking all 32 helmet logos in the NFL, placing the Giants at No. 18 overall.

Now we head into a stretch filled with great, mostly-simple designs. New York has fluctuated between “GIANTS” and “NY” but the scheme and underline remain the same. Very nice.

The Giants were barely edged out by the Philadelphia Eagles, who checked in at No. 17 overall. The Dallas Cowboys were ranked No. 5 overall, while the Washington Commanders and their new logo were listed all the way down at No. 28 overall.

In a surprise, the Tennessee Titans were ranked dead last at No. 32. The aforementioned Steelers were ranked No. 1 overall.

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