With teams calling the Seattle Seahawks to try and trade for DK Metcalf, the Packers need to do everything possible to get something done. 

Just when you thought that the DK Metcalf trade rumors were going to go away for the Seattle Seahawks, things just won’t. Reports have emerged stating Seattle won’t be sending him to a new team, but squads can’t stop calling.

According to Mike Garafolo, while the Seahawks have said no to teams, he thinks an unreal offer could get them to listen. With this, Green Bay Packers general manager Brian Gutekunst needs to get on the horn as soon as possible.

A DK Metcalf trade to the Green Bay Packers would be electric

Imagine if the Packers were able to trade for Metcalf? The Green Bay supporters would lose their minds and rightfully so. After trading away Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders – a move he was hoping for — Green Bay doesn’t have a star, No. 1 wideout right now.

That would change in the best way possible if Metcalf made his way to Lambeau Field. That’s going to be easier said than done, however, as the Seahawks front office loves Metcalf and they want him in town for the long haul.

However, with Metcalf in the last year of his rookie contract, Seattle knows they’ll have to break the bank to give him a contract offer he’s going to be happy with. If the Packers decide they do want Metcalf bad enough, they could send Seattle multiple draft picks for him.

Would that be enough? It’s hard to say, but pairing Metcalf and Aaron Rodgers together would be worth whatever Seattle wants. As long as the trade rumors continue, Green Bay will be a team to watch here.

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