While Tyreek Hill got a lot of attention in Kansas City, Mecole Hardman knows he can bring the same kind of game to the table. 

Kansas City Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardman vouched for himself on First Take, and after watching the video, it should excite the whole fanbase.

He complimented his former teammate Tyreek Hill for being such a dynamic receiver, but with him leaving for Miami, Hardman will be that next guy in line.

While it should excite fans to know there is another receiver that is speedy like Hill still on the team, can Hardman produce like his former teammate?

He shared many of the reps with Hill while they were both on the team, but now it’s all Hardman, and he will have the snaps to prove he is just as talented.

Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardman knows he can take his game to the next level.

He and Hill were tight and became fast friends while they both played for the Chiefs, so Hardman had to use that time to learn from such a talented receiver.

Hardman went on a rant discussing how Hill would force defenses to play 20 yards off, and even though he is gone, if defenses think they can go back to man-to-man, that isn’t happening.

He explained he would go by those defenders as Hill would, and now that Hardman doesn’t have anyone in front of him, the opportunity is there. Georgia football fans know just how twitchy Hardman can be, so they know when he said, “I’m going to show you,” he meant it.

Hardman’s message was fantastic and exciting, but I cannot comment on this video without giving Robert Griffin III some love. He was off to the side, but his facial expressions and animations were priceless. It was clear that Griffin liked what Hardman had to say.

Hardman will have to prove himself, but Chiefs fans will quickly realize that he is telling the truth, and this upcoming season should be fun to watch for him.

No one can replace a guy like Hill, but Hardman has a similar skill set, so it’ll be fun to watch him finally get a chance to show what he can do for Kansas City. Patrick Mahomes could end up with a new favorite receiver to hit if Hardman has the season he should.

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