After the culmination of the 2021 season, the New York Giants finally got rid of the dead weight keeping the team from realizing its full potential.

Giants fans anxiously await the 2022 season to see what the new regime brings to the table. We’ve already seen a lot of changes in personnel, both in the front office and on the field, but what that means is largely unknown.

Still, the feelings and energy emanating from the locker room leave Giants fans hopeful. Adding fire to that hope, former NFL head coach Jimmy Johnson believes that the Giants are in good hands with Brian Daboll.

Strahan, who played his entire 15 year career in New York, is a seven-time Pro Bowl selection and Hall of Famer who is well renowned for his work both on and off the field. He, along with many former players, have not been heavily involved with the team because of the front office situation. Now, though, there’s hope for this team and former players want to be a part of the rebuild.

Plus, Johnson is well-respected for his football knowledge. As a former rival of the Giants, he has no reason to boost the morale of the fanbase. Yet he made it known that he things the Giants are in good hands, which speaks volumes to the character and ability of Daboll.

Seems like the Giants might actually be in good hands for the first time in a long time.

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