The Tennessee Titans selected wide receiver Kyle Philips with the No. 163 pick. Here’s why the AFC South team likely landed a sleeper pick. 

Calling newly-drafted Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kyle Philips a “sleeper pick” is a bit ironic, considering his partnership with Sleep Number.

Before the 2022 NFL Draft, Philips spoke with FanSided’s Mark Carman about what NFL teams could expect from him as a wide receiver and potential punt returner.

“I just want to be a guy that’s willing to do it all,” Philips told Carman. “Like you said, I’m a returner, I did a bunch of punt returns, and I also told teams that I can also do kickoff returns, too.”

“So coming into camp, I want to step into every role and try and do everything I can, whether that’s returning, playing “core four” special teams, or being one of their starting receivers,” Philips continued. “I’m a guy that’s willing to do it all.”

What will be the role for Kyle Philips on the Tennessee Titans?

By the time Titans general manager Jon Robinson picked Philips, news had spread that the team was parting ways with their former top receiver, A.J. Brown. Still, Philips will be joining former Los Angeles Rams wide receiver Robert Woods and first-round pick Treylon Burks at camp, but Philips’ special teams role could carve out a special place for him on the team.

Special teams are always a safe place where players can earn their keep far from roster cuts, and Philips’ value as a punt and kickoff returner makes him an asset in that phase of the game. While some wideouts like legendary New England Patriots gunner Matthew Slater stay on special teams, Philips could start there and work his way up as many rookie wide receivers have throughout the NFL.

Based on his film, Philips’ ability to get separation and quickly rack up YAC means he could immediately add to the Titans roster as soon as September 2022.

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