Baxter tweeted. “The constant disrespect for womens sports SMH.”

Several nominated female athletes snubbed, not given ESPYs tickets

South Carolina Gamecocks’ Aliyah Boston was also snubbed. Her teams head coach, Dawn Staley also blasted the network for forgetting about Boston.

The network chalked up the snubs to new COVID restrictions and a smaller venue, according to a statement given to Insider.

The venue, the Dolby Theatre, seats over 3,400 people. There are just 132 athletes nominated, leaving another 3,000 empty seats assuming the nominees are granted a plus one.

Boston’s agent doesn’t buy it, and we agree.

“Miss me with the COVID excuse and just say you didn’t see the value of having one of the most decorated and dominant players in College Sports – a Black Woman – at your event. But Title IX,” she tweeted. 


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