Former New England Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel continued to ridicule Bill Belichick after sending a warning to quarterback Lamar Jackson.

This week, former New England Patriots cornerback Asante Samuel warned Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson from joining the team and playing for Bill Belichick.

Samuel had been vocal in the past about his negative experience playing under Belichick. It started out with one tweet, and now it has expanded.

Hours after Samuel sent out the warning to Jackson, Patriots linebacker Matthew Judon responded, telling him to “hush up” and to let him know that “it’s different over here.” That is when Samuel replied to Judon’s tweet, calling him “brainwashed” and asked if he was “admitting it used to be terrible over there.”

Asante Samuel continues to voice his displeasure for Patriots, Bill Belichick

If you thought Samuel was done there, he also sent out two more tweets, which you can view below:

Back in February, Samuel elaborated as to why he is so vocal about his displeasure playing for Belichick when beginning his career with the Patriots in an interview with the Betway Insider.

“It was not a good experience. People think we won, and that was great, but when we lost, the players would be depressed and down,” said Samuel. “I remember one day vividly. We won the game, but he cussed everybody out after the game. Everybody’s walking around with their head down, and I’m like, ‘What the hell is wrong with you? Pick your head up. Don’t let this man take you down. We just won.’ Do you know how hard it is to win games in the NFL? I never fell for none of that stuff.”

Samuel began his career with the Patriots as a fourth-round draft pick in 2003. In his five years with the team, Samuel recorded 237 combined tackles (212 solo, 26 assisted), 79 passes defended, 22 interceptions (three returned for touchdowns). He was the interceptions leader in 2006 (10), made the Pro Bowl in 2007, and won two Super Bowl titles.

The link between Jackson and the Patriots began at the annual league meetings this week. Patriots owner Robert Kraft revealed that rapper Meek Mill informed him that Jackson wanted to  play for the team. Kraft said the decision would be up to Belichick.

Samuel warned Jackson against playing for the Patriots, and it then spiraled into a tweeting frenzy.

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