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There has been a very specific structure to each training camp practice thus far and that’s, quite obviously, by design.

On Wednesday, the team worked in the red zone. On Thursday, they added in scramble drills. On Friday, third-and-long was the focus. In between that, there were wind sprints and various other drills.

“It’s areas that you need to work on. The red zone is a really important area in terms of scoring the football and then stopping and creating field goals,” Daboll told reporters.

“[Sprints] also help players coming back from being down for 30-40 days [during] the offseason. They’re not running 20 go-routes or covering posts or deep crossers and things like that. And then, usually on a third-and-2 to third-and-5 day, it’s a lot shorter routes, too. You’re running routes at the sticks or running shallow crossers and things like that. So some of the running kind of helps them ramp up.

“Today, [practice] will be a little bit longer. Again, I think trying to put players in stressful situation in practice is important.”

Daboll added that Saturday’s practice will focus on the “fringe area” and pads will go on come Monday. That’s “real football,” he said.

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