Finally, Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta said: From the beginning, when we began talking with Enel, for us, it was our aim at Dorna and that of motorsport to be on board with any kind of new technology, so when electricity started to become important for mobility, we thought it was important too. Any kind of improvement in the last 100 years has come from competition – that means bikes, cars, everything. First it goes into competition and improvement is made that way. Four years ago, we thought the same. We shared these ideas with Enel and at the time, Energica, the previous manufacturer who we thank for these four years, and the aim was to develop it with the best teams in MotoGP, on the best stage like MotoGP, with the same television – to provide new technology with the best level we can. And we’re very happy, the races are just getting better and the new step with Ducati is another level. It will be even better.

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