There were no hats to grab and no entourages to provoke, but there was plenty of jawing between Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul in their first staredown to promote an Aug. 28 boxing match.

Paul dogged Woodley’s four-loss skid and proposed they put their purses on the line to make things more interesting.

“If you win, I’ll double your purse,” said Paul. “But if you lose, you have to donate your purse to my charity.”

That momentarily stopped Woodley from quoting his own rap song, I’ll Beat Yo Ass in response to Paul’s trash talk. But not for long.

Woodley and Paul’s faceoff came just hours after another one involving his older brother Logan Paul, who squared up with boxing legend Floyd Mayweather at a press conference before their exhibition boxing match on Sunday. They had Jake Paul to thank for giving their bout a huge boost when he stole Mayweather’s hat, starting a melee that ended in Mayweather’s security team surrounding the younger YouTube star and letting at least one well-placed punch go. Millions caught the reply online.

With Showtime cameras turned toward Sunday’s event, Jake Paul and Woodley did their own promotion. And while it lacked the fireworks of the earlier press conference, it got the ball rolling.

Check out two angles of the faceoff below.

Paul later claimed victory over Woodley in his first encounter.

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