Bellator 282 is primed and ready to go down later TONIGHT (Fri., June 24, 2022) from inside Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Conn., featuring a Middleweight title bout between Gegard Mousasi and No. 1-ranked contender, Johnny Eblen. Furthermore, the Bantamweight World Grand Prix is in full effect with two stellar match ups as Leandro Higo battles Danny Sabatello, while Enrique Barzola takes on Magomed Magomedov.

Many readers check in before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all of the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 282) about the bouts and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show — it’s always a lot of fun!


185 lbs.: Champion Gegard Mousasi vs. Johnny Eblen – Eblen def. Mousasi via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Bantamweight Grand Prix — Leandro Higo vs. Danny Sabatello – Sabatello def. Higo via unanimous decision
135 lbs.: Bantamweight Grand Prix — Magomed Magomedov vs. Enrique Barzola – Magomedov def Barzola via fourth-round submission (guillotine choke)
170 lbs.: Brennan Ward vs. Kassius Kayne – Ward def. Kayne via second-round TKO
155 lbs.: Dan Moret vs. Killys Mota – Mota via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Lucas Brennan vs. Johnny Soto – Brennan via first-round submission (rear-naked choke)
155 lbs.: Brent Primus vs. Alexander Shabliy – Shabliy via second-round TKO
145 lbs: Cat Zingano vs. Pam Sorenson – Zingano via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Anatoly Tokov vs. Muhammed Abdullah – Tokov via first-round TKO
170 lbs.: Sabah Homasi vs. Maycon Mendonca – Homasi via first-round knockout
125 lbs.: Alejandra Lara vs. Ilara Joanne – Joanne via unanimous decision
145 lbs.: Cody Law vs. James Gonzalez – Gonzalez via unanimous decision
185 lbs.: Fabio Aguiar vs. Aaron Jeffery – Jeffrey via second-round TKO
155 lbs.: Mandel Nallo vs. Bryce Logan – Nallo via first round knockout


Champion Gegard Mousasi vs. Johnny Eblen

Round 1: Leg kicks by Eblen. Eblen follows up with a hard body kick. Mousasi staying reserved. Eblen scores a solid combination over the top to catch the champion off guard. Another big right hand hurts Mousasi who reverts to wrestling for his own takedown. Eblen returns to his feet. Two minutes down. Eblen scores his first takedown along the cage. Mousasi scoring short punches with his back to the fence. Mousasi able to stand up but Eblen there for another slamming takedown. Mousasi able to reverse and gets top control before standing back up. Leg kick by Mousasi lands well. 10-9 Eblen

Round 2: Hard kicks by the champion to start the second. Sharp jab backs Eblen up who returns favor with a left hand. Mousasi tags Eblen who shoots in for another takedown. One minute down. Hard ground-and-pound lands for Eblen. Mousasi able to return to his feet only to have Eblen score one more takedown. Two minutes left. Mousasi works his way back to the standup again. Whipping inside leg kick by Mousasi. Big left lands for Eblen. Missed connection for Mousasi who seems to be slowing. 10-9 Eblen

Round 3: Both middleweights exchange kicks to begin the third. Huge combination lands by Eblen which backs Mousasi up. Counter jab by the champ. Eblen scores another right hand along the cage. Mousasi landing countless oblique kicks. Another good jab by Mousasi. Eblen responds with an overhand right. Lead right lands for the challenger. Good head movement by Eblen. Under two minutes to go. Two more rights slam into Mousasi’s face. Eblen keeps pressing with his power. Mousasi only throwing pop shots and nothing that’s getting the respect of Eblen. 10-9 Eblen

Round 4: Left hand by Eblen knocks Mousasi off balance and it allows the challenger to score his sixth takedown of the fight. Good top pressure along the cage for Eblen. Mousasi gives up his back as Eblen controls the action on the ground. Eblen threatening with a rear-naked choke as Mousasi throws short punches behind his head. Mousasi able to get back to his feet. Just over one minute left. Mousasi lands a nice right but it allows Eblen to shoot in for another takedown. 10-9 Eblen

Round 5: Mousasi needs a finish here. Eblen whiffs on a kick and then a spinning backfist but scores a solid counter right cross. Mousasi isn’t pushing the pace. Eblen able to land a strong body shot. Two minutes off the clock. Eblen pushes Mousasi back into the cage for another takedown. The champion is spent. Eblen still controlling Mousasi but not landing much. Eblen finally takes Mousasi’s back with 30 seconds left. Another big round for the challenger. 10-9 Eblen

Final Result: Eblen def. Mousasi via unanimous decision

Leandro Higo vs. Danny Sabatello

Round 1: Leg kick lands by Sabatello. Another short kick by Sabatello lands. Higo taking his time. Sabatello scores a short jab. Big right over the top lands on Higo. Two minutes down. Sabatello launches in for his first takedown and takes Higo’s back. Good hand defense by Higo. Sabatello scoring short punches as Higo returns to one knee. The fans are beginning to boo as the two fighters are tied up. 10-9 Sabatello

Round 2: Right hand scores for Higo. Sabatello launches a jumping knee into a takedown attempt and gets it. Sabatello works his way to Higo’s back again. Higo uses a kimura attempt to reverse and take Sabatello’s back. Two minutes away. Higo landing short punches. Sabatello is controlling one arm which is limiting the action much like the first round. Fans beginning to boo again. Higo turns it up and launches short elbows to Sabatello’s shoulder. 10-9 Higo

Round 3: Big right hand misses for Sabatello. Solid combination scores for Higo. Sabatello returns with another calf kick. Higo tries his own. Sabatello launches in for another takedown and gets it. One minute off the clock. Sabatello landing short punches to the head and body from the top. Fans booing again. Two minutes left. More short gorund-and-pound by Sabatello but he isn’t landing major blows. Big elbows find their home from Sabatello. Higo not doing much to push off or work back to his feet. 10-9 Sabatello.

Round 4: Leg kick by Higo. Short jab lands by Higo but he leaves himself open for another takedown by Sabatello. Not much action from either fighter as Sabatello struggles to posture up and land big punches. Higo trying to work to the cage but Sabatello keeps cutting him off. Two minutes down. Sabatello trying to get his hooks in to grab Higo’s back. Short knees to the body by Sabatello. Another short takedown for Sabatello but Higo pops back to one knee. Solid left hands by Sabatello underneath to snap Higo’s head back. 10-9 Sabatello

Round 5: Body punch lands for Higo but Sabatello there for another takedown. Higo holding onto a guillotine choke. Sabatello able to move over to the side to break the grip. The fans start booing again as Sabatello controlling the action and preventing zero offense from Higo. Two minutes off the clock. Higo back to a knee only to have Sabatello slam him back to the canvas for his 10th takedown. Sabatello continuing to pressure along the cage. Higo is able to break the grip before Sabatello shoots in for another takedown. That’s where the fight will end. 10-9 Sabatello

Final result: Sabatello def. Higo via unanimous decision

Magomed Magomedov vs. Enrique Barzola

Round 1: Barzola throwing out some feints. Body kick by Magomedov. Good inside uppercut by Barzola as Magomedov fails on a takedown. Spinning backfist lands by Magomedov. Short punches land by both fighters inside the clinch. Barzola scores the first takedown of the fight. Two minutes down. Magomedov fights back to his feet but fails on another takedown attempt. Slamming takedown by Magomedov finally lands but Barzola bounces back to his feet. Big right hand by Barzola followed by a right knee. Left hook lands by Barzola. Flying knee by Magomedov is blocked. Left hand stuns Barzola but he recovers to score another takedown and takes Magomedov’s back. Magomedov wiggles free. 10-9 Barzola

Round 2: Leg kick lands by Barzola. Left hand counter by Magomedov. Barzola defends another takedown along the cage. Right hand scores by Magomedov over the top. Barzola pressing forward and gets Magomedov’s back again along the cage. Short punches by Barzola as Magomedov gets back to his feet. Barzola there for a slamming takedown and takes Magomedov’s back again. The action returns to the feet, but Barzola shoots in again for a takedown. Two minutes left. Spinning back kick lands by Magomedov. Takedown defended by Barzola. Sharp left hand lands for Barzola before he eats a spinning back fist. Lead left for Magomedov. Barzola returns with a left hook up top. Magomedov wings a spinning kick to the head before the bell. 10-9 Barzola

Round 3: Barzola’s right eye bothering him entering the third. Big flurry by Magomedov lands down the middle. Magomedov tries to score a takedown and Barzola reverses to take his back along the cage. Barzola fights for another takedown, but Magomedov defends and wiggles free. Counter right lands by Magomedov. Another right over the top by Magomedov before he buckles Barzola with a lead jab. Leg kick by Magomedov. Two minutes off the clock. Jumping knee lands for Magomedov. Barzola seems to be fading but he starts talking to Magomedov. Short left lands by Magomedov. Barzola misses on a takedown. Big uppercuts in the clinch lands for Barzola. Magomedov returns with a partially-blocked head kick. Barzola pressing the action along the cage. Another jumping knee by Magomedov before Barzola fails on another takedown. 10-9 Magomedov

Round 4: Front kick to start by Magomedov. Lead jab by Barzola snaps Magomedov’s head back. Stuffed takedown attempt by Magomedov. Spinning head kick misses by Magomedov. Barzola lands a short right hand before shooting in for a takedown. Magomedov grabs a hold of his neck as they fall to the ground and secures the guillotine choke.

Final result: Magomedov def. Barzola via fourth-round submission (guillotine choke)

Brennan Ward vs. Kassius Kayne

Round 1: Kayne opens with a one-two combination. Ward returns with a flurry and fails on a takedown attempt. Ward switches it up and attempts a standing guillotine which opens a successful takedown. Minimal damage from the top from Ward as Kayne throws up a submission attempt. Two minutes down. Ward lets Kayne up. Heavy punches missed from Ward. Kayne returns with a counter right hand, but he then gets stunned by a left hand. Ward swoops in for another takedown. Hard punches from top for Ward. Kayne tries to defend and attempts a leg lock. One minute left. More ground-and-pound by Ward as he moves to full mount. Both men look tired. Kayne does enough to survive. 10-9 Ward.

Round 2: Kayne come out with a flurry of punches but Ward returned favor to check him. Body kicks by Kayne. Ward taking his time before landing a hard right hand to rock Kayne. Ward moves in for a collection of shots along the cage. A few more strikes to the body and the referee moves in for the stoppage.

Final result: Ward def. Kayne via second-round TKO

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