With the way Aaron Judge has played at the plate this season, it is quite possible he will break Roger Maris’ single-season American League home run record. While some fans may be hoping to watch him hit 62 home runs, there is at least one person who doesn’t want to see that happen — Maris’ son.

“I don’t know if anybody likes their record broken at the end of the day,” Kevin Maris told TMZ Sports. “But it’s nice to see him giving it a good run. Records are made to be broken at some point. If it happens to be this year, you’ve got to tip your hat to the guy.”

The younger Maris added that he is wishing Judge “the best” — which, given his previous comments, sounds more like he’s wishing for the 30-year-old slugger to go on a cold streak. 

Judge has 43 homers on the books heading into Monday.

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