On Friday, the Miami Marlins debuted their beautifully crisp teal 1993 throwback uniforms to rave reviews. However, there was one glaring issue, according to fans. 

Everyone is mostly on board for the Marlins’ retro look, even supporters of other teams. However, fans on social media have universally panned the jersey’s ad patch. 

This season marks the first year MLB teams are allowed to wear an ad patch on their jerseys. But for some, the maximum 4″ x 4″ size is a little too big. 

For visibility’s sake, the ads on most jerseys are on the right arm, which is an issue for the Marlins’ throwbacks, which usually have the team’s logo on that sleeve. 

Furthermore, as Chris Creamer of sportslogos.net recently pointed out, some teams are swapping the patch on players’ uniforms, depending on if they’re a left-hander or right-hander, to ensure they’re on the side facing the camera most.

Ads on professional sports jerseys are only beginning to surge, and it seems they are, unfortunately, here to stay. MLB has already begun selling ad space on helmets, a practice that started during last year’s postseason. 

The only question that remains is, where’s the limit? The latest decision to include ads on jerseys and helmets could only be the beginning. There’s a lot of blank space on jerseys. Hopefully, baseball will resist the temptation to fill it.

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