Craig Scarborough talks to Peter Windsor about the new FIA Technical Directives relating to floor stiffness and (for 2023) ride heights, Venturi shapes and floor edges. With the interim measures being prosecuted for the first time at the August 28, 2022, Belgian GP, in this video Craig addresses the following questions:

  1. Will the new floor rigidity tests favour one team more than others (0:00)?
  2. What will this mean for the teams even as they race in France this weekend (1:30)?
  3. Have Mercedes have been running with floor flex (1:55)?
  4. Are some teams running titanium skid plates that project into a flexible floor (2:46)?
  5. What does “raising the diffuser throat for 2023” actually mean (4:30)?
  6. When will this be clearly defined (6:10)?
  7. How will the roll hoop regulations be changing for 2023 (6:45)?
  8. What about the teams that are planning to run their 2022 survival cells for a second year (9:04)?
  9. Will all this inevitably mean that the budget cap will be raised (9:36)?
  10. And what form will the new “vertical oscillation” sensor take (10:07)?

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