May 27 – There have already been 5 races in this year’s Formula 1 season, and it has definitely been an exciting one! The two on top are Max Verstappen driving for Red Bull, and Charles Leclerc for now, but Finnish Valtteri Bottas is also showing himself to be a formidable F1 Driver.

Wagering on F1

The highly exciting season has led to a lot of betting on the event. Many are placing their bets on the different drivers and looking for places to do so. Betting, in general, has become highly popular, with its immense boom in 2021. Formula 1 is a popular sport to wager on, as many are watching, and the outcomes are difficult to predict. With all that speed and horsepower, it is never easy to know just what will happen, which is also why it is so exciting.

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2022 Driver Standing

Our favourite driver from Finland is currently placing in 8th place on the driver standings for this season. All in all, he has 30 points and is behind Lando Norris for McLaren Racing in the current F1 standings. As a team, Alfa Romeo is ranked in 5th place with a total of 31 points, 15 points behind McLaren with racers Norris and Ricciardo. These results are after the 5 Grand Prix’ in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Emilia Romagna, and Miami.

Valtteri Bottas has impressed greatly during this season, much due to the quality of his car. He is ranking better than his former colleague Lewis Hamilton for Mercedes, which is driving a car much better than Bottas’. There are still 16 races left, and much can still happen. Bottas is probably looking back at the time when he called out Hamilton to be a better F1 racer than himself. Funny looking at the current ranking.

Who is Valtteri Bottas?

The Finnish 32-year-old Formula 1 driver, Valtteri Bottas is currently driving for the F1 team, Alfa Romeo. In 2017 he took over Nico Rosberg’s place and became the new driver for Mercedes. This year was a great one for Bottas, as he won his first-ever F1 Grand Prix, which was held in Russia. He went on to win three more GPs and came in 3rd in the 2017 season. Quite a good first year in Formula 1!

We are all excited about Valtteri Bottas’ great performances in the first 6 races of the 2022 season in Formula 1 and are looking forward to following the rest of his journey.

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