Jose Benavidez Sr, the father and trainer of interim-WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez, has no issue with his son facing David Morrell in the fall.

In the last few months, Morrell has been aggressively calling for a fight with Benavidez.

Benavidez was in action a few weeks ago, when he beat down David Lemieux and stopped him in three rounds.

And Morrell saw action last weekend when he stopped Kalvin Henderson in four rounds.

The elder Benavidez was not impressed with Morrell’s performance in Minneapolis.

“We were very attentive to his fight. He’s been saying a lot of things. In a previous fight I saw him as a respectful person, very calm. I greeted him and congratulated him. We talked about a fight with David Benavidez in the future. I told him that he needed a little more experience. But then I read that he said that he was going to ‘make David his [bitch], I’m going to knock him out in the first round, I’ll beat him up, he doesn’t mention me because he’s afraid of me,'” Benavidez Sr. told George Ebro.

“It’s not that he makes me angry. In my mind then I think David Morell thinks he is ready and wants to fight David Benavidez. I was talking to his managers about that fight. I think it’s good. We accept it. It remains up to him and his team. We talked about November or December, that this was going to be done, but now I hear rumors that he does not want the fight. His trainer Ronnie Shield says that he is going to protect him, that he needs more experience. But how much more, if he is already a world champion? 

“If you are a champion, you are ready and they have to face whoever. What’s going on? David Morell was talking a lot of trash. What happened? Where was that animal, that monster, that lion that was looking for a fight with David Benavidez? Now they can’t find it anywhere. We are going to do the fight in November or December. We are ready. He has to show his Cuban people what he is made of. David Morell, if you really have balls, we’re ready to make it. Be careful what you wish for.

“We’re willing do it at his house if he wants. We’re going to knock him out. No one is going to save him. We have to look spectacular. We need to show that we are the best at 168 pounds. The ‘Mexican Monster’ is better than David Morell. There will be knockout. We have to stop David Morell. Let’s stop talking and make the fight.”

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